I found MGH a great company to work for communication before during and after the project & staff were brilliant, quality of equipment and tools throughout the job was to a high standard. Would not hesitate to work for Matt and MGH again. It would be my pleasure.
Employee Feedback
We are delighted to have chosen MGH Offshore to complete electrical installation services at Kincardine the worlds largest floating wind farm. The execution and quality of work was delivered on time and to exceptional standards with safety at the forefront. Very pleased to have appointed MGH Offshore to carry out this work scope and look forward to working with them in the future. MGH is a great company to work with. Noting was a bother to them. There knowledge of the industry helped us plan works in advance with all the correct documentation in place. Hopefully work again with them in the future!
Client feedback
I have worked for MGH Offshore on numerous projects in the wind farm industry, they are one of the leading companies in their field and a real pleasure to work for. Employees are the centre of the company's core structure, which what makes MGH Offshore thrive and stand out from other organisations.
Employee Feedback